Permanent Hair Straightening

Message received from a recent customer:

Hi, Peter…so I have had 3 -4 washes so far after I had got my thermal straightening at yours. I am so pleased with the way my hair has been handled. it feels n looks healthy. I had straightening done almost a million times before ..but the hair only felt straight but dry n dead after. I wondered initially if I was going to get the result I hoped ..especially for the amount of money am spending on it. By not touching the ends of the hair and only the roots approach was brilliant 👌
Will look forward to always getting it done at yours from now on. I took my time in writing back to you as I did not want to rush in giving a feedback xx

Shilpa Garik 1st September 2020


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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Permanent Hair Straightening.

What is Permanent Hair Straightening?

Permanent Hair Straightening is a type of straightening process that grows out rather than fades off the hair. Unlike the Brazillian treatments, it doesn’t contain any ingredients that are harmful to health.

How long will it last?

It will last until it is cut out, meaning that it only needs re-doing every 6 to 9 months. Of course, this depends on how quickly the hair grows and the level of curl that is naturally present. Normally there is less curl at the root because the weight of the hair will pull out some of the movement. However, if the hair is very curly the hair will appear to grow back more quickly shortening the amount of time that the process lasts for.

How does permanent hair straightening work?

All permanent hair straightening systems use a type of perming solution similar to that used when creating a curly perm. The solution works by breaking the internal bonds that hold the hair in its natural shape. Next, the hair is pulled into a different (straight) configuration before being neutralised to fix the new shape.

What is the best permanent hair straightening system?

The best system for straightening hair permanently is a thermal system where the hair is processed with a solution which cuts the hair’s internal bonds which hold its shape and then using heated irons the hair is pulled straight using the heat to “set” the hair before it is neutralised which re-forms the internal bonds and the hair is fixed into its new shape.

What’s the difference between thermal straightening and Keratin/Brazilian smoothing?

As mentioned above, the thermal system breaks the bonds that hold the hair in its shape. The Keratin/Brazilian system use Formaldehyde (or something very similar) to temporarily hold the hair straighter. Unfortunately, Formaldehyde is both toxic and carcinogenic and is illegal for use in cosmetic formulations (hair products are regarded as cosmetics). For this reason, these types of services should be avoided.

Why can’t I get my hair wet for 48 hours after the treatment?

The neutralising part of the treatment requires oxidation in the air which takes 48 hours to fully reform and harden the internal bonds that hold the hair’s shape. It is only started in the salon. If the hair shape is altered by something like tucking the hair behind the ears or tying the hair back in a bobble, it will take on the new shape that has been created. As the internal bonds are affected by moisture it is important to make sure that the hair stays dry or the bonds will return to their original shape and the curl will return.

Can I have my hair straightened if I’ve got colour in my hair?

You can, but most hairdressers avoid attempting to straighten hair that has been coloured stating that it will cause too much damage.

All chemicals, when applied to the hair, will have an effect upon the hair. However, potential damage can be minimised by using the correct solutions and temperatures. It is really down to the level of experience and skill of the hairdresser.

I don’t take test strands to check if the straightening system I use will damage your hair. If I feel that it is going to damage the hair I will advise you against carrying out the procedure. Please inform me if you have had your hair lightened with bleach which has later been coloured over. this is because the bleach is still present and will process much faster than the rest of the hair, potentially causing irreparable damage.

Do I need to have a consultation first?

Yes, prior to carrying out a permanent hair straightening service, a thorough consultation should be performed with the hair seen in its natural state. That is not blow-dried or ironed straight. At the consultation, the hair can be assessed and the customer will be informed of the expected result, the time it will take to complete the service and the cost.

How long does it take and what does it cost?

Both the time required and the cost are dependent on the length, thickness and amount of curl present in the hair. Whilst I cannot give a definitive answer here, I can give an average figure for medium length hair. By medium length, I mean hair that reaches bra strap level at the back. This would generally take 3 – 3.5 hours to complete and cost in the region of £300. If there is a successful previous straightener and only a small re-growth area needs attention then the cost would be adjusted accordingly at the consultation.

Please Note: Because these appointments are very large and last-minute cancellations cause a large gap in the day, a deposit of 50% of the quoted price will be required at the time of booking.

For further information and advice please feel free to contact me at the studio on 0161 832 8000.