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Now that we are back from lockdown, which Hairdresser in Manchester City Centre is right for you?

If you had the option between an exclusive and private studio where you are the only customer, attended to by only one hairdresser with a wealth of experience or to visit a communal salon where there are many staff and customers close to each other. Even with the Government rules on distance and hygiene.

Which salon would give you the most confidence?

I have worked for the past 5 years in my private studio. I only ever have one customer in the studio at a time and all procedures from shampooing onward are carried out by me alone.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, it is completely understandable that people want to avoid crowded places, let’s face it, this virus is an invisible threat. Therefore, it’s sensible to reduce risk as much as possible and the best way to do that is to stay away from places where there are lots of people.

In order to eliminate as much risk to my customers and myself, as possible, I have initiated a new customer interaction regime. On your arrival, I will meet you at the reception area because there is security I will sign you in with my own pen (not one that is used communally) I will then escort you to the studio opening all doors for you. Upon arrival, I will wash my hands thoroughly and give you a disposable gown, mask and gloves. Following the service, I will then take the disposable protection equipment from you and dispose of it correctly. I will then escort you back to the entrance and will sign you out. I will then return to the studio and thoroughly clean all areas that have been used. I have allowed extra time per appointment to allow me to clean before my next appointment.