Haircut Techniques

Here I will explain how haircuts are built. I say built because it is important that the cut has a foundation so that it will last for a reasonable time and be easy for the customer to re-create at home.

I will change the cut every month but if you want to see the technique used for a particular cut then please contact me through the Advice page.

The Layered Bob

Layered bob

The method I use for cutting a simple layered bob is similar to cutting a long-layered cut. I start by cutting a one-length bob, then I take vertical sections from the parting to the hairline at the temple in front of the ear. The line I cut can be a little more rounded to give a softer look. I am always cautious of cutting through the outline so I don’t cut the layers short.

It’s best to have the back layers longer, so I pull them forward to cut them. This will help the hair to swing rather than float if there’s less weight. As I look at the result I can decide if I want the layers a little shorter, if I do I just go back and take a little more off.

When I come around to the second side I take a small amount of the front at the parting to give me a starting point and then proceed to follow the same sections as the first side. I make sure that the sections are small enough for me to be able to see the line clearly before I cut.

Moving the hair about with my fingers helps me to see how the layers are falling. If they look too heavy I can always take a little more out. Initially, it’s sensible to leave the layers a bit longer than I think I want them and work them down to the correct length. It’s easy to cut a bit more off, impossible to stick it back on.

After blow-drying I can check for any bits that need my attention especially around the ear section. Looking at the layers, I can see if they are too heavy and can gently remove any excess hair.