Hairdressing Books

There are a number of textbooks available for qualifications that cover many topics from health and safety to how to write a CV covering letter. Whilst this information has merit it does not need writing again by me or anyone else for that matter.

With this in mind, I am writing a series of hairdressing books covering theory and skills only, using easy-to-understand language, short paragraphs, and chapters

Available only on Amazon, the books are printed to order and are delivered very quickly.

Book one, The Hair Colour Book – a practical guide to the theory of colouring hair, is a pocket-sized reference book that fits neatly into an apron pocket. This book is also available in Spanish.

Hairdressing Training Books


Hairdressing Books 1

For the last 20-plus years, something like 80% of women in the UK have worn their hair long and straight. because of this, there are a large number of hairdressers with little experience of cutting shorter, more sculpted shapes. this is why I am producing The Hair Cut Book series.

The first is an illustrated guide to the art of cutting hair and is available on Amazon now.

Cutting short hair

The book’s detailed drawings demonstrate the processes for 9 haircuts, both long and short, as well as information on attitude, how elasticity can affect cutting technique, use of mirrors, visualisation, and much more.

How to cut a layered bob haircut Graduated bob

Coming Soon: